The Bible.

Where did it come from? What does it say? Does it matter?

I’m a Bible scholar and critical thinker. I host classes for learning and open discussion of the Bible in a not-necessarily-religious environment.

Current Mini-Courses

Greek Basics

Enter the world of the New Testament’s literary culture. You’ll find yourself reading ancient texts within weeks, and you’ll use tools to help you dig into the original language all on your own. You’ll discover that early Christianity is even more colorful in Greek!

Hebrew Basics

Explore the scribal culture of ancient Judaism. You’ll be able to find connections between Hebrew words that you’d never see in English. Through Hebrew, you’ll see the Bible and its context through new (ancient) eyes.

Canon Formation

Where did this book come from? Is it even a “book” at all? Who chose what went in and what was kept out? You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the process that gave us “the Bible,” and decide for yourself what it all means.