“Why haven’t I learned this before?”

I grew up in church and in the Bible. But I found myself asking that question over and over again, first in my Bible translation training, and then in my masters of biblical studies.

Who wrote the books of the Bible? Who chose them to be in the canon? What books were left out? Are they dangerous? What are we losing in translation? Why are there so few women’s voices? Did the authors of the Bible mean for it to be taken so authoritatively? Was God involved in this? What does this mean for my faith?

These questions matter for anyone associated with the Bible. Yet far too often, the resources and conversations are relegated to seminaries and Bible colleges.

I am bridging the gap between academic biblical studies and the real world. I am providing mini-courses that are accessible, affordable, relevant, and offered in a not-necessarily-religious context.

So bring your questions - all of them - and join the conversation. There is so much to learn, and I hope it changes your life as it has changed mine.

Shelby Hanson